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Mactendo Is Now. October 15, 2006

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More Mactendo Stuff… September 25, 2006

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Things to be ported to Mactendo that I failed to do here:

True Addiction 3 (and onwards)

MacBook review

Podcast (?)

Things that could have been put on here but will be on Mactendo instead:

Widget of the Week

Regular news updates

More pictures and videos

You’ll see when you get there.

I Sense A Disturbance… September 25, 2006

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I haven’t been posting, have I? I haven’t done much with this old place. Broken promises. I got the Mac, and didn’t spiff the place up like I promised.

Should I even keep going anymore? Nobody reads my stuff. This place is great, sure, and I love writing on it… but I’ve become totally disenchanted with it.

As sad as I am to say it…. I’m putting this ol’ thing to side. It’s time for me to move on from this place…

However… that doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about gaming… or anything else. No more broken promises, no more unread write-ups: I’m starting anew. A new blog. With a new focus.

Mactendo. Apple and Nintendo are always seen as blood brothers. Thus, I will make a blog. I only write about Nintendo really, and on Mactendo, I can still persue my ramblings while at the same time having some sort of focus rather than trying to be everything at once.

I’m setting up the blog now. I’ll post a link later.

The few of you that have been reading…. thanks. If anyone that reads this has been reading since the beginning, last June: thank you. I’m sorry. I’ve neglected you. Mactendo will be different. I’ll post as much as I can. But I can no longer continue to drive this beast.

I’m going to start Mactendo, and I’m going to write it as a blog, not a website. That was the mistake I made here.

-Lord Turbine

E3 2007 August 3, 2006

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If you haven’t heard the news…

E3 is dead.

When I read the news about it… when I read what had happened… to the most important event of the year…

I felt a tear fall from my eye.

E3 is dead. And will be sorely missed.

Long live PAX.

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Today we have two reviews for you. They’ll be up later, and they’re the first in a series which I call “PREPARING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.”

Basically, I’m playing sort-of old, current-gen games so I can catch up on the canon for the new ones coming out this year. The series starts with reviews of the two most recent Sonic games, Sonic Rush and Shadow the Hedgehog. I’ve already played a bit of Shadow on the GameCube, and I’ve been impressed up to the level “Iron Jungle.” The game’s good, better than Sonic Adventure 2, at least (and according to Sonic Team, Shadow is technically Sonic Adventure 3, where as Sonic Heroes… was Sonic Heroes…. which is better than Shadow, really… just read the review), until it starts relying on the gunplay. You’ll read the review. That one I rented. Glad I rented it.

However, I’ve decided I should spend some of my hard earned cash from work on a new game for my collection… it hasn’t been increased for a while, anyway. I thought what to get and, obviously, I’m getting the DS game, Sonic Rush. That thing is like a third hand I use it so much. I would rent, but I don’t have GameFly, plus, if it’s as good as I hear, then I want it in my collection.

The Next Gen Prep series, by the way, is an official part of QWERTY, and will feature reviews of such classics as Mario Sunshine and such crap as… well… possibly… Shadow the Hedgehog.

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